Dairy Needs

At Kennedy Distribution we can supply your specialty ingredient needs.
Through our network of suppliers, we are able to offer an extensive portfolio of ingredients.

With a consultative approach with our customers, we work to find you the quality ingredients your products and customers demand.

If your operation requires a customized solution, we can work with you.

Our ingredients include:

Product Name
Bulking Agents
Chocolate and Cocoa
Coconut Products
Dairy Products
Dietary Fibre
Egg – Fresh, Frozen and Dried
Fats and Oils
Fillings and Toppings
Flavours and Colours
Fruits - Canned, Dried, Frozen and Bottled, Whole, Purees, Glazed
Functional Flours
Garnishes and Inclusions
Hydrocolloids – Gelatin, Gums and Pectin
Preservative and Anti-Oxidants
Rice and Pasta
Specialty Proteins
Spices and Seasonings
Starch – Corn, Potato, Rice and Tapioca – Native and Modified
Sugar and High Intensity Sweeteners
Vegetables, Dried and Frozen

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